How To Choose the Right Fence Type

One of the key elements in your home’s exterior design is fencing. A well designed and constructed fence will not only add to your homes aesthetics, it will also add value to your property and impact the security of your residence.

To help you choose which type of fence is best for you, we have given a brief outline of the main types of fencing below.

Storm Damage: What to check after a storm

A severe storm can be disastrous for your fences and gates, damaging their structural integrity and potentially requiring urgent repairs.  We recommend making checking the condition of your gates and fences a high priority after a storm and have put together a list of things that may need attention.

  • Pools of water sitting at the base of your fence posts can soften the ground and cause instability. If standing water isn’t

How to Make Your Fencing More Affordable

No matter whether your fences purpose is to prevent intruders, create privacy or boost kerb appeal, the right fence can change the dynamics of your property and add value to your home.  However, as with any new addition or renovation project, there is always a budget to consider. Making some adjustments to your fencing brief can save you a considerable amount of money, so below we have given you a few money saving areas to think about.

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