How to Make Your Fencing More Affordable

No matter whether your fences purpose is to prevent intruders, create privacy or boost kerb appeal, the right fence can change the dynamics of your property and add value to your home.  However, as with any new addition or renovation project, there is always a budget to consider. Making some adjustments to your fencing brief can save you a considerable amount of money, so below we have given you a few money saving areas to think about.

Consider Street Front Appeal

When a fence is being constructed to enhance street appeal, one option can be to not take the fence all the way to the side fences and use fast growing dense trees and shrubs to close the gaps at the side. This will result in a less expensive fence as you won’t use as much material or labour.

Look for Material Alternatives

Where your fence is needed for privacy and protection, size and length cannot be compromised. However, you can look into material alternatives that will still provide you with adequate protection. For example, aluminium fencing is a great alternative to steel because it is cheaper, whilst still offering a high level of security.

Share the Costs with Your Neighbour

If your fencing will act as a shared dividing line between properties, then sharing the cost of the fencing will subsidise the cost to you. However, both you and your neighbour must agree on the style of the fence and choose an option that will suit both properties.

Updating vs Replacing

If your fence is looking tired and old, it may be possible to give it a refresh instead of replacing it. It can sometimes be easy to replace damaged slats, panels or posts without having to replace the entire fence or even a whole section of the fence. 

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