Storm Damage: What to check after a storm

A severe storm can be disastrous for your fences and gates, damaging their structural integrity and potentially requiring urgent repairs.  We recommend making checking the condition of your gates and fences a high priority after a storm and have put together a list of things that may need attention.

  • Pools of water sitting at the base of your fence posts can soften the ground and cause instability. If standing water isn’t addressed quickly, it can cause timber posts to rot or metal posts to rust.
  • Strong winds can cause instability by making fences sway and disturbing the earth at the base of posts. Look for any bases that have become unstable and make sure the earth is tightly packed around each post base.
  • Check carefully for any cracks or breaks that can occur during a storm and replace any damaged slats.
  • Look for damaged or rusting screws and hinges. Dropped screws and hinges can cause misalignments and affect the functionality and integrity of your gates and fences.

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