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Contractor For Retaining Walls Construction In Auckland

Many building sites are on banks or slopes which more than likely require some form of retaining wall. These have an important role to play in the long term future of your landscaping.

Retaining Walls Service Overview

As with the rest of our entire services range, Fences Auckland have an unblemished reputation for our design and construction of retaining walls. We confidently say that we are capable of building any retaining wall you require and can offer you all the advice and alternatives you will need to make an informed decision so that the end result for you is the best possible retaining wall to suit your situation. Just one call to us and you will know you are speaking to the right contractor.

Impressive way of fencing the garden, metal baskets filled with white pebbles.
Retaining Wall at a Residential Home

Retaining Walls Construction Details

Retaining walls often form the cornerstone of landscape projects. Often required for ground stabilisation, changing land contours, creating level areas or just as a landscape feature. For this reason, they can be built from many different materials and constructed in a variety of ways. Our team of professional contractors will keep you informed as we progress on through the project. We will design the drainage plane to ensure it is totally adequate behind the wall so that we all know there will be no future issues with water-soaked foundations. At the end of the project, your retaining wall will look just as expected and you will see that it has been built to last well into the future. Some options you could select are;

  • Stone/Rock Walls
  • Half Round Retainers
  • Sleeper Retaining Walls
  • High Concrete Walls
  • Split Stone Garden Walls
  • Concrete Sleepers
  • Treated Cut Timber Blocks
  • Moulded Concrete Blocks – Large or Small
  • Caged Rock Walls
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